VR Drive is a virtual driving simulator which aims to improve road safety by engaging novice drivers with a virtual experience that improves hazard perception and raises awareness of risk-taking in a digital world.


MiLAR an Augmented Reality product primarily intended for usage for command-and-control activities in the defence sector, but with civilian applications, such as policing. The MiLAR (Military Augmented Reality) project has just completed a Phase 1 feasibility study, funded by the Defence and Science Technology Laboratories (DSTL) Defence & Security Accelerator programme.



ALEAD creates a simulated ‘digital twin’ of a city’s road network which teaches autonomous vehicles to drive using virtual reality. The system incorporates known local road data (peaks, traffic spikes, weather conditions, hazards) and machine learning technology, to accurately mimic a busy driving environment.


COSMO uses autonomous car technology to calculate the real cost of driving. Autonomous cars in the city choose routes based on factors such as potential journey time and pollution reduction.

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