5G Planning Tool

Working with partners at Nellyvision, CGA Simulation designed a 5G network planning tool using ‘digital twin’ technology. The team created an online copy of Kensington, Liverpool, for the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care project.

The tool enables those planning a 5G network to assess an environment by working offline first to accurately plot line-of-sight for 5G receivers and to work around obstacles like trees or high buildings. This reduces the manual workload and resources required to plan a 5G network, significantly reducing costs and time required.   

Ever wondered how we planned @Liverpool5G‘s mesh network? We’re releasing a series of short films to explain. For more info on our planning tool and how it could be adapted to suit your use case get in touch at jon@cgasimulation.com

Planning Tool Tutorial

Liverpool 5G Planning Tool Short Tutorial

CGA’s Managing Director talks about their digital twin