The ultimate learner driver experience!

Navigate a virtual night-mode and learn real-life skills!

Practice your practical driving in realistic environments based on real UK locations. Virtual Driving School (VDS), part of our ALEAD project, is a digital learning tool that improves road safety by engaging novice drivers with a virtual experience that teaches hazard perception and raises awareness of risk-taking in a digital world. Modelled around a ‘Sim City’- style simulated world, with real traffic flow, road networks, city streets and highways, the game offers an experience that simulates reality as closely as possible with incorporated Virtual Reality mode and additional steering wheel support. Situational Understanding is heightened via an immersive 3D area visualisation, emulating pedestrian/vehicle behaviour for ‘what-if’ urban analysis and presenting relevant video and electronic data

Pattern of life system aware of player and hazard cars 
Cimply High quality architecture and models to create a realistic Conwy (Welsh town) environment.  

Pay attention to international traffic rules, consider speed limits and stay aware of other drivers to gain maximum points! Manage routes through busy cities with huge traffic volume and deal with the difficult lighting conditions of night-time driving. More than 30 Levels with a wide variety of challenging scenarios require precision and concentration.


  • Tutorial Mode 
  • Driving Lessons 
  • HD environments 
  • Realistic car physics 
  • Encounter Hazards
  • 17 different vehicles (cars, buses, and trucks)
  • Amazing landscapes to explore (cities, mountains, and highways)
  • Smooth and realistic car handling
  • More than 30 levels
  • Free Ride mode available
  • Stunning 3D graphics with realistic vehicles interiors
  • Detailed damage system
  • Keyboard, gamepad, and steering wheel support
  • Realistic engine sounds for each vehicle
Choose between driving a traditional car, bus, or truck and prepare to navigate city streets, mountain roads, or scenic highways.

Are you ready for the ultimate Driving School Simulator? Grab your keys and start the ignition!

Learn the basics in the car park and then prove your skills on the road. Control your speed and respond correctly to hazards to gather maximum points!

Virtual Driving School is a serious, skills-based game that gives players tips on how to become safer drivers, in a hyper-real, virtual environment. Modelled around a ‘Sim City’- style simulated world, you can visit city streets and highways. Choose from and a wide range of unique driving challenges and scenarios that require precision and concentration. It’s an exciting ride!


VDS originated from an earlier project, in collaboration with John Moore’s University, called VR Drive. A virtual driving simulator which, like our contemporary Virtual Driving School, aimed to improve road safety by engaging novice drivers with a virtual experience that improves hazard perception and raises awareness of risk-taking in a digital world. The roots of both projects are ALEAD, except rather than teaching autonomous cars to drive, we’re aiming to teach people.

Virtual Reality and Controller Support

‘And for your next test… lets put the car into VR!’ CGA Simulation keeps drivers on their toes by releasing Virtual Driving School in VR.

After listening to player feedback on Steam, CGA has incorporated a Virtual Reality mode and additional steering wheel support to the latest version of VDS. The VR version of the learner driver game takes the driving experience to whole new level.

Just like in a real car, you can use the steering wheel, handbrake, pedals and gear shifter; using the indicator stem to control the car’s indicators. Clearly you’re not in a real car (although CGA’s graphics are hyper-realistic) so you control the pedals with the trigger on each controller (right trigger = accelerators, left trigger = brake.)

You can use the three mirrors in the car to see your surroundings: two side mirrors and one rearview mirror. You can grab hold of the mirrors and move them about; point them in whatever direction gives you the best view of the road around you. The side mirrors can also be adjusted with the analogue sticks on the left controller.

Accelerate away by pulling the right trigger. Grab the handbrake in the car, using the grip button to grab, and move your hand down while holding the grab button to lower the handbrake. 

As of November 2021, CGA Simulation’s VDS free demo has been updated with VR and steering wheel support on Steam.

In-Game Editor

  • Create your own routes
  • Create bespoke hazards
  • Change weather or time of day
  • Share your scenarios with our Steamworks Integration
The in-game editor allows end-users create and share their own driving challenges.