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South Korean artificial intelligence company Pintel Co., Ltd. launches new UK office in Liverpool

Intelligent video analysis company Pintel Co., Ltd. has recently expanded their South Korean business internationally – with Liverpool as their first UK location. They consolidated the move with a week-long visit to the region and met with their Liverpool-based R&D partners CGA Simulation. 

Image – Pintel CEO Dong Key Kim and Senior Researcher Rosemary Koikara meet with CGA Simulation Director Jon Wetherall

Pintel develops their own core technologies through bold R&D investments and applying them to various industrial fields such as life security, safety, transportation, retail, and facility management. Pintel promotes their business by strategically responding to changes in the technology and business markets for future trends. Pintel is set to grow into a global solutions and systems company by being highly competitive and pursuing innovative technological advancements.

Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle boasts a thriving tech cluster, home to many digital innovation and creative companies such as Pintel’s UK partner. CGA Simulation uses both innovative computer gaming expertise and emerging technologies knowledge to solve real-world problems. CGA’s artificial intelligence simulation platform has been previously optimised for several large-scale industrial research projects, including ALEAD, a simulated environment for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle development, and a network planning tool for the Liverpool 5G Health and Social Care project. Their most recent project was a last-mile freight tool for TfGM that simulates urban environments to predict the best place for infrastructure to enable radical development in logistics.

Pintel’s existing AI platform and CGA’s smart city tools will come together to create ‘Virtual Cities and Autonomous Learning’ (ViCAL), a novel machine learning solution for traffic accident detection. This real-time traffic optimising system will be used in Seoul to combat congestion and improve accident detection performance based on virtual simulation data and deep learning. 

Dong Key Kim, CEO of Pintel, said “AI in transportation is the core for smart city development. Pintel looks forward to working with CGA Simulation on this R&D project. This collaboration is a major step for Pintel to go global. I am confident this is only the beginning of such future collaborations.”

The £1 million international industrial research project began in November 2022. The teams obtained funding from Innovate UK in partnership with the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) in a bid to develop innovative future technologies with South Korea.

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